Working from home and mobile phone coverage

According to a recent survey, 43% of UK employees worked from home at least once in 2016. And yet 32% complained of patchy mobile phone reception – whilst 11% suffered from no signal at all.Remote working can be a boon to many businesses and their employees, but only if they are doing the job as (or more) efficiently than if they were doing it in the workplace. Do you have remote workers, and has poor mobile coverage been an issue for you in the past?

There is not always a simple solution, although the advent of wifi calling means that many devices can forget the issues of poor signal if they have the right device (most of the leading smartphones offer this facility). The way it works varies from network to network – Vodafone’s and EE’s options are seamless, with the connection switching over to wifi calling when you are connected to a hotspot. With O2 this only works with the iphone – other users will have to install the Tu Go app.

So if you’re in reach of wifi but with a poor signal, dropped calls should be a thing of the past.