How often do you breach your data limits?

How closely do you monitor your and your staff’s data usage? You may see significant differences between users, due to different usage habits or different settings on their handsets.

A recent survey by comparison website Broadband Genie showed that one in ten users exceeeded their data usage each month. Whilst this was a consumer survey – and we would except many business mobile phone users to be more on top of their usage – we often come across businesses who struggle to find the time to manage their staff’s usage, ending up with unwanted charges from the network.

The solution is to know how much you are using and then to put the correct tariffs and bolt-ons in place so that penalties are kept to a minimum. This is something we help our clients with at Simpatico, proactively monitoring their usage so that nobody gets any nasty surprises!

Get in touch with us if you’re worried about your data usage, or if you’re coming up to renewal and would like a no-obligation review of your costs.