Mobiles down the toilet?

In a recent survey, a quarter of respondents admitted to dropping their mobile phone down a toilet. Really?! But seriously, how well are your handsets being looked after?In the same survey, 47% of users reported using a case to protect their handset – do you oblige your employees to do the same? Handsets are often treated as near-disposable items, whereas in fact they are highly sophisticated bits of equipment – and in the case of top-of-the-range phones, possibly more powerful than the same employee’s laptop!

Although we have become accustomed to expecting a new handset every two years, this often isn’t necessary if the handset is well looked after. Sim-only deals can be a very attractive option, and it can  make a lot of financial sense to hold off on paying for new handsets when they could easily last three, four or even five years. So why not check if your company’s handsets are at least being protected with screen protectors and cases? And perhaps discourage users from checking their email whilst in the toilet – although with many handsets now being waterproof, perhaps that isn’t such a problem as it used to be, as long as you’re happy to give it a quick rinse!