The real cost of a missed phone call?

For most companies it’s probably more than you might think.

For some organisations, failing to answer calls within a certain number of rings can result in compliance failures, legal costs associated with these failures, and the potential fall-out from negative press associated with poor service.

In the health sector, a missed call could be the difference between life and death for a patient. It is critically important that calls are routed effectively and efficiently.

A factor that affects all businesses is the cost of sales lost due to unanswered calls. It can be extremely difficult to calculate an accurate value for lost sales. But if you consider that just two missed calls each week equates to 104 potential lost sales each year, the seriousness of the situation becomes apparent. Even if you assume that one third of those callers leaves a message, you are still potentially losing 72 sales each year. This is not even taking into account the reputational damage caused by the poor customer service. If your customers’ calls go unanswered, will they buy more from you in the future?

Clearly, missed calls are costly for any business. To avoid them harming your business, you need:

  • A configurable telecoms solution that allows you to route calls so that a real person answers every time
  • A system that provides in-depth reporting to identify where calls are answered and missed
  • Mobile app tools to extend your company phone system beyond the wired network

Whatever your size, every company can benefit from a modern telecoms system. A one man band can have calls routed to a mobile, a large organisation can route calls quickly and efficiently to the right person. Talk to Simpatico about how we can help!