Not all VoIP is the same!

‘I tried VoIP phones once and the call quality was really poor, and sometimes the calls dropped whilst I was in the middle of a conversation. I’ll stick with my traditional phone line thanks.’

That makes sense, doesn’t it? Nobody wants a phone system which loses connection in a middle of a call!

But what if we said: ‘I tried cars before. I had a Montego in the 1980s and it kept breaking down, and it looked stupid as well. I’m not interested in the 2017 BMW thanks, I’ll stick with the bus.’ Not all cars are the same, and not all VoIP phone systems are either!

We are partners with Gamma, the leading provider of hosted telephony to the business market. There are cheaper alternatives (there always are, in most industries, don’t you find?), but in terms of quality, time-saving features and robustness then the Gamma VoIP system is hard to beat.

If you are considering a new phone system but still have unpleasant memories of your Austin Montego then give us a call for a demonstration.