Business mobiles and car usage

Business mobiles and car usage

Many business users of mobile spend lots of time in the car. How are things changing for business mobile users on the road?

Firstly, there’s hardly a new car out there which doesn’t offer bluetooth on most of its trim levels – so you have no excuse to be seen holding a handset (and breaking the law!) whilst you’re behind the wheel.

Things are moving towards more seamless communication, with both Google and Apple launching in-car operating systems based on Android and iOS respectively.

Android Auto Car

This allows you to display your Android phone screen on a built in screen in the car, via a usb connection. This then allows you to control the phone via the car’s dials, including on your steering wheel. Voice recognition and dictation allows you to control via voice commands, and google maps is used as the default satnav system. There are then apps which can work through the system (such as Skype or Spotify) to ensure you have access to everything you need whilst on the move.

Apple CarPlay

Similar in functionality to Android but obviously just for iPhone users. Voice recognition is powered by Siri and the mapping function is Apple Maps. The minimum requirement is an iPhone 5C running iOS7.

But, although we love tech, it is worth remembering that tests have shown that even having a conversation or listening to the radio reduces your concentration levels and therefore increases the risk of accidents. So until we have fully autonomous self-driving cars then perhaps this is all a step too far? Self-driving cars – well, that’s another story.