what is mdm

What is MDM?

You may be asking what is MDM – mobile device management. Companies with a large number of mobile phone users face the issue of how to effectively manage the security and content of those devices. Welcome to the world of MDM.Mobile Device Management, or MDM, allows a central administrator to track and manage individual devices through a central software portal. You can configure the device, upgrade its operating system and apps, and keep a track of where it is and has been. When a device is lost or stolen, its can be wiped remotely, thus securing your company’s data.

The next step from MDM is Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM. As well as the functions above, the administrator can make provisions for each user remotely, such as setting up email and company network access. With smartphones having GPS enabled, ‘geofencing’ can be used to switch on and off certain functionality depending where the phone is situated. So, for example, you could switch off access to Facebook or Youtube when the phone enters into the workplace and then automatically switch them on again when the person leaves.

EMM allows administrators to maintain a level of security for company data which was previously only available within the company’s network. For many businesses their competitive advantage lies with their company’s knowledge – its data – so it’s vital to keep it secure at all times.