business mobile phone resolutions

Business Mobile Phone Resolutions for 2017

We’re  not talking about pixel resolution here, but new year’s resolutions. What should you be doing in 2017 to make your business mobile phone usage smarter?

It’s easy to take our mobile phones for granted, but if you are a business user then without it your life would be much more difficult! So it’s important periodically to check your apps, your security settings and ensure your phone is as tidy as your desk. Here are some ideas to make you safer and more efficient:

1. Update your apps

If you don’t have apps updating automatically then make sure you keep them up to date. The can fix bugs and, more importantly, fix potential security holes. They could also take up less space and work  more quickly as well.

2. Security is a must-have not an add-on for business mobile phones

Your phone must at least have some basic security so that if it’s lost or stolen your data isn’t vulnerable. If you don’t have a new phone with fingerprint recognition, you should at least require a PIN to open your phone. Better still, use a service to locate and lock your device if it’s lost (such as Find my iPhone or the Android equivalent in the Device Manager).

3. Backup

All the major business mobile phone options have backup options to the cloud, so that if you lose or break your phone then you don’t lose all that vital personal information. Make sure autobackup is switched on!

4. Tidy up your contacts

Delete some of your old contacts which you don’t need anymore, amalgamate any duplicates that you might have created (eg one for a person’s landline and one for their mobile). You’ll find it easier to navigate your Contacts as well as saving space.

5. Declutter

If you don’t use that app, delete it!