Blast from the past: the new Nokia 3310

Do you remember the Nokia 3310 (pictured below)? That classic design launched in 2000 which went on to sell more 126 million units? Well, it’s back.

Well, not quite. But the new owners of the Nokia brand, HMD, think that they have spied a niche and, who knows, they may be right. Launched this month at MWC 2017, the updated version of the classic mobile will be available this summer at an estimated price of £45-£49. What do you get for that?

The classic Nokia 3310

Well, there are no apps. Or a 3G/4G connection. Or GPS. Or a touch screen. But you do get the ‘snake’ game (do you remember ‘snake’?!), although apparently it’s not the same as the original game so don’t decide on this handset on the basis of wanting to relive all those wasted hours from years ago.

So what DO you get? You get a rugged phone which has a standby battery life of 30 days. Yes, 30 days. And talk time of 22 hours on one charge. No modern smartphone could ever hope to match that performance. So if calls and texts are what you or your staff need, and battery life is critical, then this could possibly be a great option for a business mobile user.

As this is 2017, HMD have thankfully added some features which the original model didn’t have, such as:

  • 2 megapixel camera (so unlikely to be of much use if you are a budding photographer, but good for taking snaps and recording vital business information)
  • 16 GB internal storage
  • SD expansion card slot
  • colour screen
  • Bluetooth
  • FM radio
  • A choice of colours (red, yellow, dark blue and grey)
  • 2.5G internet access via the Opera browser – this is going to be slow and on a tiny screen, but could be useful in emergencies

It’s a quirky offering, but there has apparently been a lot of interest – some of it may be simple nostalgia, but who knows. We don’t yet know the business plan prices, but if you think this could be the business mobile for you, then give us a call!