£1000 for a phone – is it worth it?

Would you spend a thousand pounds on an iPhone X? (that’s pronounced ’10’ as in the Roman numeral, if you didn’t know!) Even more if you want the 256gb version. If you’re the sort of person who needs to have the best and newest piece of kit, then perhaps you can justify this expenditure, but many businesses will understandably balk at the cost.

At the same time there’s the option of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, which have some key upgrades from the previous models, including wireless charging, improved camera and faster processor. The iPhone 8 is approximately £300 cheaper than the X. It’s therefore difficult to make a business case for the X. Apple has been at the forefront of smartphone developments since the launch of the first iPhone, although arguably Samsung and less well known brands such as Huawei and Honor offer similar features as lower prices. Has Apple gone too far with the X? Only time will tell, but many industry analysts forecast that sales will disappoint.