In Memoriam Windows Phone

We’ve all know it for a long time, but Microsoft have finally admitted that Windows Phone is dead. Microsoft developer Joe Belfiore put out in a series of tweets that apart from bug fixes and security updates there would be no further work on the mobile operating system. If you’ve got a Nokia Lumia or one of the few other phones running Windows Phone then next time you upgrade you’ll have to consider Android or Apple’s iOS (Bill Gates has already switched to Android).

Where did Microsoft go wrong? It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact time when things went bad, but for years Windows Phone has been caught in a vicious spiral: not many manufacturers have offered it so that the user base has remained low; the Windows Phone app store has never been anywhere near the size of Apple’s or Google’s offering because it’s not worth developing versions of apps for such a small number of users; and so with so few apps available the manufacturers and users don’t consider Windows Phone as an option.

When your business is due to upgrade and you have some Windows phones then be sure to speak to us. We can help with transferring data to a new operating system so that your users don’t lose all their contacts, photos and precious data.