Mobile Phones

We offer a full range of mobile phone contracts, from single handsets to hundreds of phones across multiple sites. We deal with all the major networks (EE, O2, Vodafone and 3), so can tailor a package for your business which offers the right signal coverage, the right tariff for your usage, and the best handsets to suit your employees’ needs.

Business mobile phone contracts can be structured in a number of different ways, and we’ll explain to you the pros and cons of each option. Some things worth considering are:

  • Do you need a new handset immediately? If not, perhaps a SIM only option would be more cost-effective.
  • Will your staff need new handsets during the lifetime of the contract? If so, we could arrange a hardware fund, which you can draw down from, as and when you need a new handset.
  • How much data do your staff need? Most tariffs these days offer free calls and texts, so it’s the amount of data which you require which impacts most on monthly costs.
  • Do the handsets need to be part of the contact? You may wish to consider buying refurbished models at greatly reduced prices, or lease handsets instead.
  • Does your insurance cover the handsets if they are lost, damaged or stolen? We can provide solutions for you.

Unfortunately the mobile phone industry is full of salespeople who will pressure you into making a decision because they have targets to meet and commission to earn! Our approach is to find out as much about your needs before recommending a solution – we think that’s the nicest way of doing business.

Please contact us to talk about your mobile phone needs.

Fixed Line, VoIP & Broadband

At Simpatico we can offer you a highly competitve range of options to ensure that your office is connected to the outside world. We can advise and install office telephone systems, from the smallest office to corporate headquarters, and can help you to navigate the many options now available to connect your phones.

We offer a fully cloud-based VoIP solution (Voice over Internet Protocol, where your system’s phones are connected via the internet rather than through traditional phone lines). VoIP can be a highly cost-effective alternative to a traditional PBX solution, and is fully scaleable, allowing you to grow without having to invest in additional hardware. If you operate from multiple sites, it allows for free calling between sites – potentially a significant saving in some industries.

We can advise on a range of hardware, including desk phones, walkaround phones and teleconferencing equipment. We also a range of maintenance packages to ensure that, should a problem arise, your business will be back up and running in as short a time as possible.

We can provide a broadband solutions to suit your needs and depending on what is available at your premises, whether it’s fibre to the premises, to the cabinet, traditional ADSL or ISDN. We can also arrange managed Wifi solutions for your employees, visitors and customers to access.

Please get in touch to talk about all of your office phone requirements.

IT Support & MDM

Mobile communications and IT are now often interlinked, and at Simpatico we recognise that for many clients it makes sense to integrate the two as closely as possible.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Companies with a large number of mobile phone users face the issue of how to effectively manage the security and content of those devices. Mobile Device Management, or MDM, allows a central administrator to track and manage individual devices through a central software portal. You can configure the device, upgrade its operating system and apps, and keep a track of where it is and has been. When a device is lost or stolen, its can be wiped remotely, thus securing your company’s data.

The next step from MDM is Enterprise Mobility Management or EMM. As well as the functions above, the administrator can make provisions for each user remotely, such as setting up email and company network access. With smartphones having GPS enabled, ‘geofencing’ can be used to switch on and off certain functionality depending where the phone is situated. So, for example, you could switch off access to Facebook or Youtube when the phone enters into the workplace and then automatically switch them on again when the person leaves.

EMM allows administrators to maintain a level of security for company data which was previously only available within the company’s network. For many businesses their competitive advantage lies with their company’s knowledge – its data – so it’s vital to keep it secure at all times.

We can offer a full supported solution for your MDM requirements.

IT Support

We are proud to work in partnership with Trenton Business Systems who offer a full range of IT services including:

  • Managed IT & IT Support
  • Technical Infrastructure
  • Cloud Computing
  • Office 365
  • Hardware and software support

Jon Grubb and his team have a wealth of experience dealing with IT from small startups to multi-site corporations and mission-critical systems. For more information about their full range of services please visit their website.