Have an ‘Appy weekend?

What can you do if you provide your staff with phones but you don’t want them to use them during working hours to chat on Twitter or search for funny cat videos on YouTube? You could block them from using these sorts of apps entirely, but that could seem harsh if you provide the phone as a benefit and then, come the weekend, they still can’t relax in front of their screen. Read More …

Remember to turn on your phone backup!

How important is your digital data? Every week here at Simpatico we see people using their mobile phones for every aspect of their lives but without having a backup plan in place if things go wrong. Recently we were helping a local businesswoman change her old iPhone to a newer model and noticed that she had not turned on iCloud backup. She had photos of her children going back years and she had never backed her phone up – ever! Read More …

No longer just a phone – payment goes mobile

We’ve become accustomed to our phones being more than just phones – they’re cameras, music players, contact managers and general computers. Increasingly you can also use your phone to pay for small amounts, in much the same way as we’ve become used to contactless credit and debit cards.

And in many ways it’s more secure to use your phone. For example, Samsung Pay uses an encrypted digital token to replace card information and protect against fraud, and also utilises Samsung’s KNOX security platform to protect both hardware and software. Samsung Pay supports linking to a wide range of cards including MasterCard and Visa. Although it’s not available on all Samsung handsets, it is being rolled out across more devices. It’s currently available on the S8/S8+, S7/S7 edge and S6/S6 edge, and being rolled out to the A3 2071 and A5 2017.

If you’re on iphone, Apple Pay works inside the Wallet app in much the same way. It’s secure and easy to use (and if you have an Apple Watch you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket!)