Jonathan Parkin, Finnies Accountants

At Finnies Accountants, we place a high value on our Customer Service, which involves regular communication with our clients, both during and out of office working hours and also whilst away from the firm’s offices.

During a recent Management meeting, the Directors of Finnies were discussing the company’s mobile phones, which were approaching their renewal dates.  Historically, we had encountered various problems, such as issue with Phone’s not working abroad, regularly exceeding the small data allowances and, most frustratingly, phones being spread on separate accounts with differing billing plan’s, causing an unnecessary administration headache.

I proposed that we contact Dave Spittlehouse of Simpatico to discuss our issues and see if he could help.  It was mentioned that despite numerous attempts and efforts in the past, no-one had been able to combine all the phones onto one single bill.

Dave came in and met the Directors, listened to their issues and learned what they desired.  Within a matter of days, Dave had provided a full proposal to the Directors – which was duly accepted – and immediately set about delivering the proposal.  Within a couple of weeks, the process was complete to a high level of satisfaction – and all contracts were on one single bill!

The transfer was complete with minimal input from Finnies, leaving us to concentrate on our work.  Dave and Simpatico were thoroughly professional throughout the whole process and always on hand to answer any questions.

From both myself and the Directors of Finnies, we would have no hesitation in recommending Dave and Simpatico to any of our business clients.

Jonathan Parkin, Associate, Finnies Accountants

Ali Davies, ADD HR Solutions

As an HR Consultant, I really rely on my mobile phone for my clients to contact me quickly and easily.  It’s for that reason that I become anxious when my phone contract comes to an end and I either need to search for a better deal or change my phone.

But Dave you made it so easy and lived up to your company name of Simpatico, you were sympathetic to my needs.  The hardest part was getting the PAC code from the previous supplier!  Once we had that it was all systems go and I was on my new cheaper, much cheaper tariff in less than a week!   You did all the fiddly bits too in putting in my new SIM card.

Your advice was invaluable putting me on a network that gives me better coverage and an improved signal at home too!

I would have absolutely no hesitation but to recommend your services.  Thanks for all your help and support in ensuring a smooth transition.

Ali Davies, ADD HR Solutions

No longer just a phone – payment goes mobile

We’ve become accustomed to our phones being more than just phones – they’re cameras, music players, contact managers and general computers. Increasingly you can also use your phone to pay for small amounts, in much the same way as we’ve become used to contactless credit and debit cards.

And in many ways it’s more secure to use your phone. For example, Samsung Pay uses an encrypted digital token to replace card information and protect against fraud, and also utilises Samsung’s KNOX security platform to protect both hardware and software. Samsung Pay supports linking to a wide range of cards including MasterCard and Visa. Although it’s not available on all Samsung handsets, it is being rolled out across more devices. It’s currently available on the S8/S8+, S7/S7 edge and S6/S6 edge, and being rolled out to the A3 2071 and A5 2017.

If you’re on iphone, Apple Pay works inside the Wallet app in much the same way. It’s secure and easy to use (and if you have an Apple Watch you don’t even need to take your phone out of your pocket!)


Free EU mobile roaming…almost

Today is the day when you’re now free to roam across the EU with no additional charges. This has been a long time in the works, but finally you can concentrate on your business (or your holiday) without worrying about racking up enormous charges – the rates you pay will be the same as if you were at home in the UK.

So why the ‘almost’? Well, firstly, it’s worth noting that there are some exceptions to the rule which won’t impact on most people, but it’s worth being aware of all the same. EU operators are within their rights under their agreement to impose a ‘fair use’ limit on data – so if you are on a plan with either unlimited data or data at very low rates, then there is an outside chance that you could be penalised. The official wording is: “Mobile operators may apply fair, reasonable and proportionate control mechanisms to avoid abusive use of these rules.” So if you’re a very heavy data user it could be worth checking to see if the operators in your destination countries have set a data limit. In any case, excess data charges are capped at €7.70 plus tax (this will drop each year until it reaches €2.50 in 2022).

Secondly, for the roaming charges to be waived, you must be resident in your home country for a minimum of eight months per year. Obviously for most business or personal travellers this isn’t an issue (who wouldn’t object to a holiday lasting more than four months?!) – but for anyone, for example, on a foreign contract which lasts for more than four months then this could be an issue.

A full explanation of limits, charges and definitions can be found here.

And thirdly, this is only an interim situation. With the UK due to leave the EU in 2019, we may lose these rights completely. Our wonderful politicians are giving the impression that they haven’t quite worked out the fundamental issues of the single market, freedom of movement or the economic consequences of Brexit, so it’s unlikely that they have considered the impact of Brexit on mobile roaming! Enjoy the current situation for as long as you can!

How often do you breach your data limits?

How closely do you monitor your and your staff’s data usage? You may see significant differences between users, due to different usage habits or different settings on their handsets.

A recent survey by comparison website Broadband Genie showed that one in ten users exceeeded their data usage each month. Whilst this was a consumer survey – and we would except many business mobile phone users to be more on top of their usage – we often come across businesses who struggle to find the time to manage their staff’s usage, ending up with unwanted charges from the network. Read More …